After comparing with several suppliers, we finally choose gelesy company. Not only because of the good service but also the professional technology, they are very good at making the chargers for drone. They know about how to export and they know how to control the quality, what’s more i got the chargers on one hand price.


I did considerable research in trying to determine whether this Phantom3 charger was completely compatible with the Phantom3 and 4 LIPO batteries and whether the charger was safe to use in a car cigarette lighter socket. Based on the suggestion of sophia, i purchased one for testing, because really if it is good, the charger can service more person who like drone. After testing, i found gelesy charger quality is very good, taking steps to ensure the safety. It is really helpful, and i’d like to have long relationship with gelesy company. Hope more new amazing product will appear from gelesy.


This charger is awesome. Like original one but better price.  I was worried about heat generating but it’s no issue. The car charger is very convinent for take with, we can solve the battery power problem on the way to travel. I love gelesy’r products and so do my clients.

Drone Fans

The first time i saw the product, it is amazing. solves the big problem for my clients who like drone. 4 batteries can be charged at the same time, and the time is acceptable. Without more consideration,i buyed one for test,oh, finally it proves my decision is right, it works well and next i will order a lot for my lovely customers.

Drone Lover

This is totally wonderful! Works very well, if any more problems later, I will update, but for now it’s definitely the correct choice for my customers. I am a professional trader and also a fan for drone and i am a good drone pilot.